What does a growth hacking agency do?

What does a growth hacking agency do?

Ask a traditional marketer what growth hacking is.

You’ll get everything from “it’s just a Silicon Valley buzzword” to “they probably hack websites.” No surprise there: the phrase has only been around since entrepreneur Sean Ellis coined it in 2010.

But growth hacking is the future of marketing. Companies no longer want the vague notion of “brand” or the incalculable number of “impressions” a roadside billboard got them.

They want numbers. They want the tangible.

So how are growth hackers changing the game?

Who is a Growth Hacker?

Let’s take it from marketer and author of Growth Hacker Marketing, Ryan Holiday:

“A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable.”

Growth hackers don’t play the guessing game of traditional marketing. We look at the metrics and test thoroughly. We alter, add, and cut marketing tactics to maximize ROI.

Then, we’re asking ourselves:

How can we make this product grow itself?

Growth hackers are looking at low-cost, high ROI marketing techniques.

A big problem with growth hacking, however, is that growth hacks get stale pretty quickly. I could hand you a list of the “best growth hacks” and by the time you implemented them, they’d be old news.

So the best growth hackers aren’t just able to execute the same process repeatedly.

We cultivate a mindset of growth hacking.

We’re outside-the-box thinkers, we’re risk-takers and we’re innovators.

We evaluate the audience and the product to find the most targeted way to get their attention — even if that method is incredibly non-traditional.

That might mean a poorly-filmed video filled with inside jokes (as Dropbox did) or offering to deliver barbeque food to large conferences (like Uber did).

Because the goal isn’t to “spread the word” about your product.

It’s to close the sale. Get the signup. Win the customer.

Growth hackers will latch on to any strategy, technique, or method to achieve their only goal:

Measurable growth.

So what does the Growth Hacking Agency do?

Let’s break it down.

Number 1: We’re creative problem-solvers

Think of growth hacking as a method of approaching an issue.

A growth hacking agency looks at every possible medium to promote a client. Their goal is to target a very specific audience, and to do that, they’ll use any tool at their disposal.

Nothing is off-limits. Even the weirdest, most ridiculous ideas can see some killer results.

Number 2: We push for fast results

As opposed to traditional marketers, growth hackers aren’t interested in establishing a brand over a span of years.

Growth hackers are looking for measurable results in days, weeks, and months.

Remember: Growth hacking began with startups that didn’t have the money for traditional marketing. These weren’t companies that had years to wait for “brand awareness” to get them sales.

They needed customers now, and they needed them cheap.

Growth hacker strategy relies on being light on their feet — they’re ready to pivot their plan at a moment’s notice to take advantage of new opportunities or abandon campaigns that aren’t showing results.

Number 3: We’re tech-savvy

The first growth hackers were coders at heart.

Their marketing approach is data-driven and tech-driven. Growth hacking agencies market almost exclusively online, with everything from social media and SEO to videos and video game design. This online focus allows them to pull extremely precise data to guide their work.

Whether a growth hack succeeds or fails is no guessing game. They can look at the data in real time and adjust to maximize ROI.

Number 4: We create compelling content

The biggest part of growth marketing?

The content.

Whether on traditional blogs or newer mediums such as podcasts, growth hackers are heavily invested in creating content that sells.

Their work is search engine optimized, algorithmically tested, and targeted at the desired audience with unparalleled precision.

It’s the driving force of all of their campaigns.

Number 5: We boost your business

While the methods might be novel, growth hackers have the same goals as any other marketer:

Help businesses grow.

Our goal at BAMF is to connect our client with the people who would love their services. To get good products in the hands of the people who want them.

To generate leads, close sales, and build up businesses.

The Takeaways

Growth hackers aren’t just marketers with a fancy title.

We’re coders, creators, and innovators who market your business solely based on the data. No guessing games, no immeasurable ROI, no traditional marketing rulebook.

Every decision is tracked, tested, and improved upon to not just get eyes on your work, but to get conversions.

While every company requires a different set of growth hacks to maximize ROI, the goal remains the same:

Unstoppable, innovative, badass growth.

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